Dear Reader,

In the years since we’ve launched Unearth Women, we had the honor of introducing the first dedicated women’s travel magazine to the international print market. What began as a wild idea in early 2018, skyrocketed into a beloved print magazine sold in over 800 Barnes & Noble locations across the United States, independent bookstores worldwide, and was featured in the likes of The New York Times, Good Morning America, Vogue, and more.

For as meteoric a rise as Unearth Women had out the gate, unfortunately, the print industry is in a tough position and even legacy magazines are now folding their print publications. For a new start-up that was largely self-funded, it proved a hard uphill climb to print Unearth Women magazine.

Due to high production costs, we made the very difficult decision to cease printing the magazine and suspend print subscriptions, moving forward as a digital-only publication and accompanying newsletter. Despite no longer being a tangible magazine, Unearth Women remains dedicated to its mission to celebrate women, spotlight women’s stories, and point travelers in the direction of women and BIPOC-owned businesses around the world through our feminist city guides.

If you, like me, are an old soul who adores the feel of physical magazines and tangible books, then let me point you in the direction of our women’s travel guide, Wanderess, which was published by Penguin Random house and carries the torch of what Unearth Women magazine once shared. Wanderess is an exhaustive travel resource curated by a legion of diverse and talented women pouring their expertise into its pages. If you’re curious as to the meteoric rise of Unearth Women magazine, you can check out my travel memoir, Call You When I Land (HarperCollins, 2023), which shares that story, as well as many other travel-fueled adventures. Call You When I Land was named one of the best women’s memoirs by Glamour and selected as a Staff Pick by Apple Books.

Thank you, dear reader, for supporting Unearth Women and our mission to celebrate women and their stories. In the end, it is the stories we share that ultimately matter, not the medium by which they are delivered.

With Gratitude,

Nikki Vargas

Editor, Co-Founder

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