Dear Readers,

In the past two years, our team has had the honor of introducing the first dedicated women’s travel magazine to the international print market. Unearth Women began as a wild idea in early 2018 that skyrocketed into a magazine sold in bookstores worldwide, and a publication featured in international media outlets.

Unfortunately, the print industry is in a tough position and even legacy magazines are now folding their print publications. For a new start-up that is largely self-funded, it has been a hard climb for us to print Unearth Women magazine.

Due to high production costs and low print sales, we have made the very difficult decision to cease printing the magazine and suspend subscriptions, while we move forward with a digital-only publication for now. For this reason, our Inclusivity Issue is only available for digital purchase in our online store.

We could not be prouder of this issue, which celebrates the beautiful and diverse fabric that makes up modern travelers. From women of color to the LGBTQ+ community to travelers with disabilities, every story in this issue is meant to celebrate the true faces of today’s travelers.  

Unearth Women will remain dedicated to its mission to champion women and their stories. In the end, it is the stories we share that ultimately matter, not the medium by which they are delivered.

Unearth Women will continue to expand with our digital site, our forthcoming book with Penguin Random House, co-branded trips, events, and more.

Should you wish to support Unearth Women, please consider donating to us on Paypal. Every penny goes towards supporting our primarily female content creators and paying them fairly for their incredible work.

Thank you to our readers for supporting Unearth Women and our mission to celebrate women and their stories. We look forward to continuing to grow our publication and media company.

With Gratitude,

Nikki Vargas

Editor, Co-Founder