In Spring 2018, Unearth Women was born as a media company dedicated to championing female content creators and addressing the needs of female travelers today. The idea of Unearth Women was born from the frustrations of Travel Editor and Journalist, Nikki Vargas, who had faced sexism, been underpaid, and been denied bylines considered better suited to a man to report on.

In 2018, Nikki found herself laid off from a male-run publication where she spent more time cleaning the office kitchen than being heard. With nothing to lose, she began to imagine a media company that would champion women, pay female content creators for their work, and share women’s stories.

The name for Unearth Women came from the simple goal of unearthing women’s stories around the globe. To bring Unearth Women to life, Nikki partnered with Elise Fitzsimmons and Kelly Lewis. A year later, Unearth Women would grow into a multi-faceted travel media company with an internationally sold magazine, digital platform, custom events, trips, and much more.

From the beginning, our co-founders have prioritized paying our primarily female content creators. As a young start-up that is largely self-funded, our co-founders ignored advice to not pay writers, instead refusing to perpetuate the problem of women not being paid what they deserve.

This past year, our company stayed true to its commitment to pay our content creators. Our mission is simple: Unearth Women is dedicated to creating a platform that lifts women’s voices, champions female travelers, and pays women fairly.

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We are a multi-faceted media company reaching a 97 percent female audience. Our readers are based in major cities around the world and demonstrate a clear passion for travel and feminism.

With an internationally sold magazine and digital platform reaching more than 30,000 unique monthly readers, Unearth Women can work with your brand to deliver exciting programs. We offer quality events, content solutions, customized trips, original video, access to today’s leading travel experts and influencers, and much more.

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